My Testimonials

"Casey Gordon is the best real estate agent you could ask for. My husband and I have purchased 3 homes and sold 2 with him and our experience has been 100% positive every time. Casey works overtime to make sure all the details are handled and the process is as smooth and easy as can be. He really seems to care about his clients and delivers results. I really can't say enough good things about him...I feel lucky to have a realitor I can trust and rely on to get the job done! "


"Casey is the Best of the Best. He is such a pleasure to work with. He has sold 4 different properties to members of our family and we will use NOBODY ELSE. I can truthfully tell you that he is one of the hardest working people I have ever met in my life. Our last home was not an easy property to sell and we had a few different issues with our property.

However, Casey did open houses every single weekend and pushed the house daily. We were we lucky enough to get top dollar for our home regardless of the issues we had, and we have Casey to thank for that. He made took so much pressure off of us for the entire escrow process, and truly went above and beyond. I have referred Casey to all of my friends and family and they feel the same way about him as my wife and I do. It is truly our pleasure to give him this testimonial because he did so much for our family.

Thank you Casey!!!!

We love you"

tlester 162

"Casey was incredibly helpful in helping us find the home of our dreams. He was with us every step of the way and was always available for any questions we had during the process. He made us feel like we were his only clients and went above and beyond what we expected."


"Working with Casey was truly a pleasure. His positive attitude and attention to detail made the supposed stressful process of listing our condo, finding a buyer, selling it, and finding a house very easy. Casey always is on top of everything and if an issue arises, he immediately resolves it to make it a non issue. His service is second to none as he is the most attentive person I've ever dealt with and makes you feel like you're the most important client in the world. If he doesn't answer your call, he will get back to you within minutes. He worries about problems so you don't have to. He truly gives you the Ritz Carlton experience. I cannot recommend using Casey enough for all of your real estate needs."


"I had the opportunity to work with Casey directly as an SFU buyer. Casey Gordon is a top notch real estate professional with considerable knowledge of the southern California buying, selling, and rental landscape. In addition to the wealth of knowledge Casey brings to the table, he is also highly engaged with clients providing his guidance whenever one needs it and is always responsive to inquires and requests. Most importantly, he is genuinely a good person that I personally have come to trust and firmly believe that he acts in his clients best interests."


"Casey, you are the best!!

Casey did such a great job in selling our last home. He made the whole process so easy for us and he was able to get us the best price possible. He worked tirelessly to show the house. His positive attitude really made the whole sale run so smoothly. We would recommend him highly to everyone we know."


"Casey is amazing, he helped me buy and then rent a condo in the heart of LA. He is energetic, incredibly hard working, and responsive - most impressive, he made me feel like my needs and concerns were his priority. I realize he has many clients, but every phone call was answered or returned quickly - always.

When I felt like I was in uncharted territory, he seemed to know exactly what to do. He explained options, the ups and downs and each and advised but didn't pressure. No transaction is without it's hiccups, but I can't imagine having working with agent who could have handled things better. I recommend him without hesitation - and he's a great guy!"


"Casey is one of the most detail oriented, personable, courteous brokers we have ever dealt with. He is attentive, understands your needs and very patient. We were very picky about location and price and Casey made it happen. If you want the royal treatment, Casey is your guy. We so enjoyed our home buying process, which i don't think is always the case."


"My wife and I decided to sell our house and look for a new house in a different neighborhood. We had our initial meeting with Casey and knew he was our guy from the beginning. We provided him with the specs that we were looking for and he did tons of research and found a number of options for us to see. Throughout the entire process, he always made us feel as if we were his only client, knowing he always was dealing with multiple listings. He took my calls, texts, or any communication at all hours of the day. He really made the entire process a great experience. His expertise truly shined, as he never tried to force any houses on us just to make a dollar but took more of a consultative approach which is needed for any large purchase.

Ultimately, we found the house of our dreams. He knew every area that we looked at like the back of his hand, his knowledge of the market is second to none. To top it off, his list of contacts for renovations was endless.

To this day, I continue to reach out to him for recommendations as we look to do little renovations here or there. He also sold our home and even though we had some issues with the buyers as we were moving to the closing table, he kept me informed through the entire process to ease our concern. He fought for us the entire way and even though there were multiple offers on the house we wanted, he found a way to speak with the sellers realtor and tell her about my family and we got the house without over paying for it or even without increasing our initial offer. Casey really knows his stuff but most of all, he met and exceeded our family needs.

I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. He's a true professional! Purchasing a house is a huge investment and I couldn't recommend anyone else because of my truly great experience, thanks to Casey!"


"Casey Gordon is hands down the best realtor in the business. He goes above and beyond for his clients, giving them the best customer service beyond anyone's expectations. He truly appreciated the investment a family makes in such an important purchase and will strive to ensure the experience is not only the best, but also fun and enjoyable.

Casey is a pleasure to be around. His knowledge of the industry and the housing market was so helpful for me and my family in finding the perfect home for us. I have referred Casey to several friends, all of whom had the best experience with Casey. He is available 24x7 to answer questions and to help you find the perfect home, but once you sign, his job's not done. He makes sure your transition into your home is smooth, assisting with all those other details. He is simply the best realtor out there."


"Casey Gordon, "The Best"!

Casey Gordon and his staff have been such a pleasure to work with since the start of our home buying process in 2012. My husband and I were new to the experience, and Casey was so helpful and easy to talk to with all of our questions and concerns. Casey made it a priority to show us as many homes as possible, and he listened to what we wanted in a home and made sure to find those qualities for us. The home buying process was so carefree for us, that we called Casey a year later to make another move. Again, that experience was wonderful, and I would recommend Casey and his team to anyone looking to buy a home."

Best Regards always, Megan Nicholas

"My husband and I recently purchased a home with the tremendous guidance and support of Realtor Buddy Gordon. Being both busy professionals and parents to young children, we had some incredibly specific needs in terms of location, square footage and layout. We essentially asked the impossible of Buddy and he exceeded our expectations on every level.

In our experience, it was a challenge to find the right Realtor to handle homes in the luxury estate market, so being introduced to Buddy from someone we know and trust, put us instantly as ease with our decision to work with him. As business owners, we needed someone to partner with so that when we were traveling for work, we had a trusted advisor in play locally.

Not only is Buddy a consummate professional, he has a masterful way of preparing buyers for the reality of the market as well as being genuinely excited for process. I have been fortunate in my career to have had the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with exceptional professionals - I now consider Buddy one of those people!"

Julie Cannon

"Buddy and the " Great Gordon Team" have been of great value to me and my family for the past 15 years or so. He's been closely involved with the transitions that I've gone through with moving from one house to the next. He's one of the most supportive, thorough and insightful individuals I know. He makes you feel like so much more than just another client. I consider him to be my friend as well. I give Buddy my highest possible recommendation if you want any buy/sell property situation to be done the right way."

Paul D.

"I worked with Buddy Gordon on the purchase and sale of my home in Simi Valley. Without question, he has demonstrated the most professional service and demeanor of any real estate professional I have dealt with. I have lived in Utah, California, Texas, Florida, Michigan and Guatemala and dealt with several real estate professionals in all of these locations. I have not encountered a more professional and ethically driven realtor than Buddy Gordon."

Randy J. Harris

"Hi Buddy,

As you know you have been my real estate agent for several years now and I just wanted to thank you for all the great service – you have definitely gone far beyond what I would have normally expected from any other agent. I have both purchased and sold properties with you and I have never been disappointed with you or your service. You have always been there for me no matter how small the job. And you have always made sure that I got the best deal possible in any situation.

However, it is my last sale that I would really like to extend a huge thank you for and that is because my tenant flooded the property, I had mold and nothing seemed to work correctly – it was just a fat mess. You came in and guided me through the cleanup, the repairs and the updates and then turned around and sold it in a timely manner and for a great price. When it is time for me to sell my house I will, again, be coming to you for your assistance because you have earned the job. I respect you as a business man and I value you as a person. You are always positive and I appreciate it when I am with you because then I feel positive as well.

Have a great 2014!"

Sylvia Bumgardner


That is best way to describe the level of service, attention and care we received from Buddy Gordon and his team. It is the best word to describe the depth of his knowledge and his attention to detail. His professionalism is unmatched and I dare say the Buddy Gordon approach to real estate should be required reading for all seeking to work in his industry.

Buddy was wonderful to us when we were novices looking to purchase our first home over ten years ago. Newcomers to the area, we had no idea what we were doing and just happened to come across one of his listings. Buddy invited us to his office (over a holiday weekend), gave us detailed information about the area, helped us understand what we could afford and where, presented some additional listings and took us around to see them. An offer was accepted on the home of our choice within three days and we closed within 30 days.

When work required us to relocate out of state earlier this year, Buddy Gordon was the only person we needed to call. The market had changed dramatically since we purchased and we were moving in six weeks and we had a three month old baby! Once again, Buddy explained how the entire process would go and assured us that our home would sell. (After all, he did put us in that desirable location). He encouraged us to focus on our relocation while he handled the details of our sale. Buddy even made some calls on our behalf and referred us to a realtor in our new location. He said that because we had such a short period of time to move, we needed someone who could both understand our needs and get our deal done quickly. Basically, a Buddy in Georgia. Sure enough, we closed on our new house in 30 days allowing us to skip going into temporary housing with our infant. Oh, and he had a buyer for our old home within two weeks!

Every time we have called him, he has been available. Buddy really made us feel like we were his priority. It was as if we were a member of his family, (and he has a great family, by the way. Quite impressive). He just has remarkable capacity, because I am certain all his clients feel the same way. We are grateful to have had his wise counsel and honored that he chose to represent us. We would tell anyone who asks and even those who don't, Buddy Gordon is the top name in real estate, period."

Shujuan and Tracy Littlejohn

"Hi Buddy

I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude for all you did in making the recent sale of my home as smooth as it possibly could be. I’m so appreciative for the positive influence that you consistently displayed during the process of the sale of my home. The positive manner in which you perceive life is what truly makes you shine not only as an outstanding realtor, who definitely knows his game, but an upstanding all around good person. Good people are hard to find and I consider myself lucky to have one in my circle. I know I will continue to do business with you for years to come. There is no doubt, I will highly recommend you to all those that I know.

Thanks again, Buddy, for everything!!"

With Regards, Oren Meyers

"We recently purchased our first home. Before we started looking, we heard from so many people how difficult it is and what a stressful time it is. Honestly, it was neither of those things. The reason being is because of Buddy Gordon. He is the epitome of professionalism with just enough personalized attention. He works hard for each client and understands exactly what they need and wants and he finds it. We looked at several homes and found the right match for us. Buddy's experience in the business was the reason why we were able to get the house we wanted. He explained everything along the way, so we were always in the know. It was a fast and smooth escrow and closed without a hitch. We would definitely recommend Buddy and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell homes. He is a gem and we are so thankful that we had the chance to work with him and will definitely work with him again, if given the chance."

Kind Regards, Jennifer Ragland

"Hi Buddy,

We, my husband a trial attorney and I, have had several Real Estate transactions with Buddy Gordon & family and have known them personally for many years. He is so honest that he squeaks, so accommodating to try to help you in any possible way. So knowledgeable that he makes the real estate deals seem easy. Buddy works well with other brokers, but is always on your side. Buddy make buying, selling, or renting real estate a pleasure and fun! We give him 5 stars and know that he will go to Real Estate Heaven!"

We love you!!! Dale & Alanna

"The purpose of this letter is to express the great respect and admiration I have for my realtor, a business man, but more importantly, my friend Buddy Gordon. I have known Buddy Gordon for more than a decade and through all this time we have had amazing and unforgettable experiences. Buddy assisted me and supported me through the important process of property acquisition. He took me by the hand and walked me through the process of acquiring my “American Dream”, my first home. I say my first home because years letter he also thought me how to invest and how to do real estate.

I am a strong believer that only I have the power to change my own life, but Buddy helped me change mine. My name is Jose Mario Rivera; I am a High School teacher and an athletic coach. When I graduated college and became independent, I rented an apartment because I did not know how or what I needed to buy a house. My very good friend Dionne Gordon, Buddy’s daughter, mentioned to me that her father had been an amazing athlete and also a very successful business man and that she wanted to introduce me to her father. Months later, I had one of the most important meetings of my life. I met the man who guided me and taught me not only how to acquire a house but that life is beautiful, and we should not be afraid to live and enjoy life since it is so short. He taught me to face life with faith and with a positive attitude, and enjoy every day as if it was the last day of our lives. One day he said to me “Mario don’t be afraid, where are you going to be in 100 years from today?” and I answered with a smile; “Buddy, we are going to be dead” and he said to me “That’s right, then do it and have no regrets”. I always have those words in my mind as well as his teachings which I project to guide my athletes and students.

Buddy, I want to thank you for being an inspiration in my life and an excellent role model."

Sincerely, Mario Rivera

"Buddy Gordon: The Patron Saint of Real Estate!

We had the pleasure of working with Buddy when purchasing our first home as newlyweds. Buddy was AMAZING in every way. We relied on him to educate us on several neighborhoods, the housing market and to help us through the entire process. He was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, focused and optimistic. The amount of attention Buddy gave us made us feel like we were his only client! We have a tremendous amount of respect for Buddy and greatly appreciate the level of integrity with which he operates. We feel truly privileged to be his clients. Buddy, his son Casey comprise an incredible, trust-worthy team that we will surely call on again and again."

Sincerely, Amy & Victor

"To the Gordon Team,

Casey Gordon is one of the hardest working, professional and caring real estate professionals anyone could ask for. He worked diligently, day in and day out, seven days a week to look up properties for us and find us the right match. Casey stayed in touch with us on a regular basis, answered all of our phone calls and was there for us whenever we had questions or concerns. When we found the right home and it was time to make an offer on the property, Casey and his positive rapport with the agents in the area, helped our offer get accepted and into escrow! Our experience with Casey Gordon was a smooth and stress-free experience, considering the fact that this was the biggest purchase we have made thus far!

I would recommend Buddy Gordon and Casey Gordon to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. When you work with the Gordon’s, you know that you are working with the best of the best! We will forever be loyal clients to Buddy Gordon and Casey Gordon. Thank you for all that you have done for us thus far! "

Your loyal clients, Jeff and Jenn Bannon

"Dear Buddy Gordon,

It has been a long time, fourteen years to be exact, since we first met and you so diligently helped me find mother's first home in Ventura County.

Ever since 1999, you have been there to help and guide us through the stressful decisions one faces in finding the perfect place for mother. You were there when our college kid came home and you so kindly and patiently helped her find the perfect safe and affordable home-away-from-home. Most recently you helped us sell our rental property, and as usual, it was a fair, trouble free and most of all, rewarding experience.

How can I forget the numerous times you found the perfect tenants for our rentals, especially the guest house.

We have never taken the time to formally thank you. It is only fair that we tell you now how grateful we are to you, your staff, including Joe, Casey and all your wonderfully friendly assistants, for the professional, knowledgeable, honest, kind and expeditious help you all have provided to us through all the years in dealing with our real estate needs. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thank you Buddy because we hold our professional relationship with you, so special, we consider you our friend.

May your career continue to be as rewarding to you and all your clients as it has been to us. Dealing with you all has been a pleasure."

Fondly, Roy and Betty De Bruin

"Hi Buddy,

I just want you to know that you are the best real estate agent EVER.

I just love working with you. I always enjoy your ‘joie de vivre’, your good nature and great humor. Going to look at properties with you has always been such a great experience, and even though many times I did not make a decision you did not once lose your patience with me. I have always felt very comfortable in your company and was never pressured to make a decision.

Even more important than your combination of a cheerful nature, efficiency and thoroughness, is your integrity and your honesty. I never once felt that I was misled. You and Casey always had my interest at heart. It is good to know that I (as your client) always came first.

When I was away, you had to handle the rental of my property, and you did it all within a week! I was delighted that you found me a great tenant and rented out the house at a price more than what the other agent told me they could get. On my return from my vacation, all the paperwork was handed over to me neatly.

Your vast experience is reflected in your knowledge of the values of properties in the valley and in Ventura County areas. From what my neighbor Carole told me, you and your son Casey also helped her buy several properties. More importantly, you got them all rented out in swift succession. Carole is delighted with you and Casey for sure.

Buddy keep up the good work. Let’s do more business in the future. I am confident we will work together for many more years to come. I mean, why switch when I already have the best!!!"

Sincerely, Susie Rowen

"To the Gordon Team,

It is always a pleasure working with Buddy! He sold my home in one day for over asking price and I have relied on his vast real estate knowledge and experience to help me effortlessly purchase two homes in very competitive markets. Buddy knows the area and can close the deal in a timely manner. I will definitely continue to use Buddy Gordon for all of my future real estate transactions!"

Jen Guyett

"Buddy and his team,

I have been fortunate enough to work with and get to know both Buddy and Casey on a personal and business level. These are honestly the best real estate agents I have encountered in my entire career! There is a reason they are successful and have continuous repeat business. The numbers don't lie. Besides being extremely professional on the business side of the transaction due to years of experience, they are excellent communicators and stay on top of each and every transaction from start to finish. They are readily available, courteous and always keep their clients informed. If you have them on your team, consider yourself lucky because you are represented by the best in the business."

You're the best, Justin Bunch

"Hello Buddy,

Three years ago, we decided to move to a better neighborhood. The process of looking in different neighborhoods was difficult and time consuming. We knew we needed a realtor with the knowledge and experience to find us the home we were looking for.

It took us almost two years to find the right home. During this period we hired and fired four realtors. They didn’t have the knowledge, the experience and ability to understand what we were looking for. At that time we started to attend open houses. It was one Sunday morning, where we met Buddy Gordon at one of his open house events. We found Buddy friendly, knowledgeable, polite and enthusiastic about real estate. The open house was not what we were looking for, but Buddy asked us about what we were looking for and he casually told us that if he finds it, he will call us.

Sure enough in two weeks, he called and introduced us to 4 – 5 homes in Westlake area and Agoura Hills. He showed us some homes and we got a chance to find out what kind of realtor he is. The first thing my husband and I noticed was that he always gave us our space and privacy to look at the homes. He usually opened the door and stepped aside to let us look at the home ourselves to get a true feeling of the space without a sales pitch. I never found Buddy to be pushy or insistant on a home that neither one of us wanted. He always listened and responded accordingly. He was always ready, prepared, on time and always very pleasant.

We didn’t have any doubts that we wanted Buddy as our agent to find the house for us. Last August, Buddy managed to find us the home we were looking for. He stood by both of us step by step throughout the process of escrow, closing and moving. Buying a house was not our only positive experience with Buddy; he also sold our house at the same time. He sold our house for the price we were asking for and the whole process took place very professionally, on time and without any problem.

We highly recommend Buddy Gordon as a realtor or agent. We are in the process of investing on another property and it is a good feeling to know that we are in good hands."

In appreciation, Parvin Heidari & Charles Shariat

"Hi Buddy,

Once again, Buddy Gordon and his team have hit a home run with finding us our new home! We had the pleasure of meeting Buddy 10 years ago when we wanted to sell our condo. We loved his high energy and optimism! He sold our condo for top dollar and found us our first starter home. Now 10 years later, ready for a larger house, we didn't hesitate to call Buddy. Again, he got us top dollar for our house and it sold in 1 day! Finding a larger house in our price range was a challenge with so few listings on the market. Buddy checked every single day and called us the minute a house listed. Within a few weeks we found our new house! Buddy has a good rapport with the other realtors which made the whole process go incredibly smooth! The use of Docusign allowed all the paperwork to be signed via computer. So we were able to sign everything at home and while at work! We love our new home! We bough this home to retire in, but if we ever plan to move again, we'll be calling Buddy!"

Thanks again, Kim and Sid Alexander

"Hi Buddy,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for helping us find and purchase a home. You made everything so easy and smooth for us. You were extremely patient and willing to help us in any way possible. You were not pushy to get the sale and always looked out for our best interest. In addition, your assistance in finding people to fix and clean up the property was greatly appreciated. Your knowledge and advice was extremely helpful, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Sincerely, Nick & Kim

"Buddy and his Sons,

We have been lucky enough to have been doing real estate transactions with Buddy Gordon and his team, for the last eight (8) years. We have found them to be supremely professional, courteous, kind and caring...not just about the real estate aspects, but of one's needs, concerns and lives, in general.

He and his staff always take the time to speak, explain in detail and provide guidance when and wherever needed, literally at all hours of the day and night. Their follow-through is impeccable. We have had many interactions with many realtors and firms in the last 25+ years, and we can honestly attest to the fact that, no one has done the outstanding job that Buddy and his team have done. We will be clients for life. You can't lose with them!!"

With Warmest Regards, Pat & Cheryl Piper

"Dear Buddy,

It's getting late in the evening and I just got a call from Steve F., my client that needed your help 2 months ago. He said he sent you a big thank you for the work you did for him. His was a tough go and you made it happen. He was gracious enough to send me a thank you.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the way you have aided me and my clients over the past years. You and your team have made some of our toughest transactions go like clock work. Keep up the great work and say hello to Casey from all of us."

#1 Fan and Biggest Advocate, Sheldon Andrens

"We've been working with Buddy for close to eight years now. He's helped us in buying multiple investment properties over the years. Buddy is the type of person you can call on any given day and he will always answer your phone call. Buddy is extremely efficient and professional, not to mention he happens to be one of the nicest guys around. We plan on continuing to use Buddy on any future purchases and for many years to come."

Sincerely a happy customer, Teresa Garcia

"Dear Buddy,

Your help and expertise have helped us get through seven real estate transactions. Your attention to details and great attitude make you the "Best Real Estate Agent." You are truly the happiest guy, so uplifting and motivational. We are looking forward to purchasing another house soon and you will be our guy. Your son's are amazing too!"

Sincerely, Melinda Yawn

"Buddy and his Sons,

I have known Buddy for over 13 years. He sold me my first town-home right after college. I will never forget Buddy telling me (a nervous and scared 22 year-old) that he would hold my hand throughout the entire process and make sure things ran smoothly, which they did. Recently, my husband and I purchased a new home and once again Buddy did not disappoint. I knew that whatever worry or concern I had Buddy would be able to provide reassurance and guidance. He truly puts his clients and their best interests first. Buddy is always positive, he works hard for his clients and provides them with his 100% attention always! I will only work with Buddy and his team. They are the best in the business. I am always recommending him to family and friends because I know he will treat them like gold."

In appreciation, Katrina Duval

"To the Gordon Team,

We met Buddy Gordon in 1999 as a real estate agent referral from a friend. Since that time Buddy has represented, and has sold three residential properties for us including a large commercial property located in northern California. Buddy and his team professionalism, exceptional marketing strategies, energy and loyalty is unsurpassed. We have received full asking price or more for our property's and the relief of knowing that Buddy is on your team representing you is a stress breaker. Since that time, Buddy Gordon has not only became our family and our friends exclusive real estate representative, but he has become a true friend. My family and friends highly recommend Buddy Gordon for all of your real estate needs."

Sincerely, Bob and Kris Stueve

"Buddy Gordon,

You are a "Magic Man", but you are also much more than a magician. It is your professionalism that makes you stand out in my book! With so many "instant" realtors in real estate today, it is so refreshing to work with someone who takes their profession seriously. I don't know if you remember this Buddy, but our relationship began close to 14 years ago. I was coming out of some rough financial years when there was yet another realtor banging on my door trying to sell me on something that was beneficial to their wallet! But instead of another 30-second close, there you stood, a realtor who engaged my impatience with knowledge. In difficult times there are so many quick buck quacks, but Buddy, your skill set has proven to me that time after time you are among the elite, top 1% of realtor IN THE COUNTRY!

You've always shown me the patience of the Job, giving knowledgeable, detailed explanations of transactions and providing skilled guidance when a hiccup occurs. Even when it came down to providing other realtors, (the competition) pointers and advice, you have always been happy to do so with sincerity and a smile. There are some lessons to be learned from Buddy Gordon; by being humble, being grateful and having an expert realtor consultant on your team grows your wealth exponentially faster than so many of the fly by night schemers out to clear your wallet.!

Thank you Buddy Gordon, or in the parlance of today - Buddy Gordon- BOOM!!!"

Best, Don Norris

"Buddy and his Sons,

I have known Buddy for over 13 years. He sold me my first town-home right after college. I will never forget Buddy telling me (a nervous and scared 22 year-old) that he would hold my hand throughout the entire process and make sure things ran smoothly, which they did. Recently, my husband and I purchased a new home and once again Buddy did not disappoint. I knew that whatever worry or concern I had Buddy would be able to provide reassurance and guidance. He truly puts his clients and their best interests first. Buddy is always positive, he works hard for his clients and provides them with his 100% attention always! I will only work with Buddy and his team. They are the best in the business. I am always recommending him to family and friends because I know he will treat them like gold."

In appreciation, Katrina Duval

"Buddy Gordon is the real estate agent who represented us in our recent purchase of a home in Moorpark. His detailed knowledge of the local real estate market was important in allowing us to find a house that meets our needs. Buddy was extremely patient and was willing and able to show us many different properties in the Conejo Valley and Moorpark area. We would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a home in this area."

Regards, Michael and Lisa Hartley

Casey is incredible. He has helped us buy and sell 3 homes and find quality renters for 2 of those. I do not know anyone that works as hard as him to meet all of your needs.


Casey Gordon is without a doubt the best real estate agent I’ve ever worked with.
He is extremely knowledgeable of the industry, spends an unlimited time/education with his clients on the process of buying/selling a home and gives you choices in any situation.
In 2014 I was fortunate enough to meet Casey. I was buying a condo and anytime I had questions/concerns, he responded immediately. He walked me through unknown territory, explained every step of the process and always put my best interest first.
Six months later I asked Casey to sell the property, much to his surprise. I had what I thought were ‘hiccups’ and Casey always responded “that is what I’m here for, don’t worry about anything, I’ll take care of it" of which he did everything he said he would.
Fast forward 1 ½ years, my husband Drew and I were looking for a home for his mom. I told Drew I will only work with Casey. We were in a time crunch, asked Casey about Leisure Village in Camarillo (of which he had tons of knowledge about) and showed us exactly what we were looking for. He explained the nuances of the community which helped us tremendously in choosing the perfect home. During escrow there were a few things that came up that Drew had concerns about and of course… Casey took care of everything to the satisfaction of all parties. Once escrow closed, I asked Casey for some referrals and he had a list of recommended persons who could assist in making the home perfect for my mother-in-law.
Choosing Casey Gordon sets up any home buyer/seller for success. He is dedicated to his clients not just through the buying/selling but even after the sale; he wants to make sure you are happy with your decision.
I feel confident that anytime I call Casey for a referral or his advice about the industry that I’m receiving only accurate/up to date information.


Casey helped me with finding a tenant for my condo. Finding qulified and good people to rent my condo was the most stressful thing in my mind. Casey made the whole process way easier for me. He was super friendly, professional and caring. It was very easy to rely on his knowlege and professionalism. Many thanks to him for finding me the nice people who also care alot for my property and treat it like his own!
I highly recommend him for real estate any real estate services! Maria


Casey is the ultimate professional who draws people to himself through his genuine interest in serving people. We met Casey at an Open House and we had to have him be our agent. He treated us like we were his friends not as clients. We were demanding in our search for a home but he was always full of confidence that we could find the right one. Casey really came through for us. I wish we could keep buying homes just so we could see him all the time.


The adjectives professionalism, competent,knowledgeable,and responsive do not do justice in describing Casey's skills as a realtor. Simply put, without Casey's personal and professional qualities my wife and I would not be living in our dream house today.
We lived in our previous house for 38 years and without Casey's efforts I would have left that home feet first.


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