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Oak Park is a suburb in Los Angeles with a total population of no more than 13,853. It is among the finest suburbs with numerous residential properties still waiting for their owners. With great growth prospects in terms of real estate, this suburb is home to various neighborhoods with plenty of amenities. Spanning over an ample landscape covering different types of facilities, including healthcare, education, recreational parks, and more, this place offers the best.

From parks and coffee shops to dining areas and public schools, Oak Park is among the highest-rated residential spaces in Los Angeles. It’s situated in Ventura County and is on the list of the best living areas. Looking for a house in Oak Park? Call Oak Park real estate expert Casey Gordon at 805-750-9804 to learn more about buying an Oak Park home.

What You Should Know When Moving to Oak Park, CA

For your information, moving to Oak Park is more than just becoming a part of California. The home appreciation rate has been through the roof at 14.1 percent in the last 12 months. 2021 has been the tenure of rapid growth for real estate in Oak Park in Ventura County. Several Oak Park realtors and real estate experts recommend opting for residential properties in this area. The median home pricing rates in Oak Park are around $976,300 in some neighborhoods.

Oak Park, CA Homes For Sale

The unemployment rate in Oak Park is around 6.4 percent, with a basic population of no more than 13,853 as per the latest 2019 census. The job growth rate, which was around 1 percent as of late, is expected to grow in the upcoming year, starting in 2022. However, the cost of living in Oak Park, CA is nearly 87 percent higher compared to the rest of the US.

Speaking of the overall weather conditions year-round, Oak Park, CA is a comfortable place to live and offers plenty of amenities. Throughout the year, you get plenty of warm and chilly weather, while residents enjoy spending time in recreational parks. The weather gets windy and cooler around the peak of winter, while summers lean on the humid side with warm temperatures.

Apart from the real estate in Oak Park, living facilities include several top-rated parks and schools. From elementary to high schools, all of which possess a good reputation. As a note, the average student-per-teacher ratio in Oak Park is 25.7:1.

Home Value in Oak Park, CA

The typical value of residential spaces in the Oak Park housing market arrives at an average of $1,027,297. This is an estimate, and the year-round values can vary substantially. That’s why most professionals suggest working closely with an Oak Park real estate expert. Since last year, several residential properties have peaked preceding values. Some properties have increased by over 17.7 percent of their existing values. However, you’ll learn that the residential Oak Park housing market adjusts seasonally.

Oak Park Real Estate Market Trends

While median home listings are well-above $1 million in Oak Park, CA, there are plenty of lucrative listings that will make your dreams come true. There are over 17 active listings in the Oak Park housing market. Before you know, those listings can get out of your hand. Why is that? Well, the median number of days that a listing spends on the market is no more than 52 days! So, it’s best that you contact the right Oak Park real estate expert for your housing needs and requirements.

Also, there are various rental properties in the area as well. If you look at the rent spreads in Oak Park, CA, you’ll see that the town has plenty of suitable properties as well. From Morrison Estates and Morrison Ranch to Downtown Agoura Hills and Forest Cove, the town has plenty of hot neighborhoods. Nearby and furnished areas such as Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, and Thousand Oaks also offer amazing single-family houses and condos for both rent and sale!

From multiple charter and public schools to various high-end elementary schools, you will find the majority of the educational facilities sufficient for your children.

2022 Housing Market Trends in Oak Park, CA

There’s always something waiting for investors in the Californian real estate market. The Oak Park housing market has been an open store for many real estate investors and people looking for their dream house in California’s best suburbs.

Oak Park Single Family Homes

The single-family homes in the California suburbs come with attached bathrooms and a couple of bedrooms. In fact, when looking at Oak Park in Ventura County, you won’t find much difference between the top-rated single famous houses. Nearly all of them fall on the same spectrum of median listing prices while offering a comparable level of facilities.

Oak Park Rental Properties

The median rent listings for single-family housing units with a single bedroom are around $2,635! While that’s expensive, the level of housing facilities compensates for it. From recreational parks to impeccable healthcare support, there’s a lot that the Oak Park housing market offers to potential buyers and residents.

The Best Neighborhoods in Oak Park for Real Estate Investment

The pleasant months to be in Oak Park, California, are May and October. On the other hand, when talking about the cold and chilly months, you can think of January and February in Oak Park. Still, the sufficient resources and ample housing facilities keep the indoor environments comfortable. The inland valleys and coastal rivers are a sight for sore eyes when sifting through the commercial neighborhoods in Oak Park, CA.

While Oak Park, CA, isn’t as popular as other places in California, don’t let that fool you. The Oak Park housing market is as good as any other commercial and high-end place in California. Being close to some of the most popular cities and counties, Oak Park is an ideal location for a family looking to live in quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. Here’s a list of the hottest neighborhoods with the most potential-carrying house listings:

  • Sterling Oaks
  • Ridgefield
  • Rolling Hills Estates
  • Chaparral Estates
  • Monaco
  • Hillcrest Pointe

Finding Your Home in Oak Park, CA


Looking to buy your dream home or lucrative commercial real estate in Oak Park, CA? Casey Gordon aims to make your search easier. Casey is a top Oak Park real estate expert and being one of the top-heavy hitters of the real estate markets in Ventura and LA County, he keeps expanding his area of expertise to help real estate investors and buyers.

Whether you’re starting a commercial business or looking for a residential property, Casey Gordon can help you find the right property in the Oak Park real estate market. Call him at 805-750-9804 today and schedule a meeting with him. Fill out an online form for your housing needs in Oak Park, CA.

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