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Camarillo is a beautiful town in Ventura County, California. With a population of 68,122, Camarillo is an ideal place for residents to experience suburban living at its best. Most residents own their homes, but you can also find beautiful apartments and houses to rent in Camarillo.

Many retirees and young professionals prefer living in Camarillo because of its peaceful community. The town has above-average public schools and a variety of parks, coffee, shops, restaurants, and other recreational amenities.

Another benefit of living in Camarillo is that you can enjoy beautiful weather all year round. Camarillo is one of the numerous cities in California where you get pleasant weather throughout the year. Residents and tourists can enjoy cool breezes and sunny skies day in and day out.

Thanks to the booming real estate market in Camarillo, CA, you can find a large variety of homes for making your next real estate investment. Call Casey Gordon today at (805) 75-9804 today to learn more about Camarillo, and why the year 2021-2022 is a great time to invest!

Thinking Of Moving To Camarillo? Here's What You Should Know.

Camarillo is a great city to live in because of its beautiful weather and recreational opportunities. Stunning scenery, plenty of sunshine, and top-rated schools make it among the best places in California to live. Since it's close to many hot spots such as Ojai and Los Angeles, many people prefer living here to get away from the bustling city life. The best part is everything is within reach, be it an excursion to downtown Los Angeles or a trip to the vineyards.

People who live in Camarillo are among the most well-educated individuals in the country. Nearly 41.69% of the town's adult population has a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree. That's quite an impressive statistic as compared to the country average of 21.84%.

Camarillo, CA Homes For Sale

According to reports from 2018, the per capita income was $45,205. The figure equates to an annual income of $180,820 for a family of four. The ethnically diverse city boasts a significant Hispanic population. Other ancestries include English, Irish, German, European, and Italian.

Camarillo offers a slew of outdoor opportunities for adventure seekers and plenty of places for American history buffs. You can spend the afternoon exploring the outdoor outlet malls or the WWII Aviation Museum. Head back to your beautiful home for an exciting al fresco dinner on the patio. Recall memories while spending quality time with friends by the outdoor fire pit.

The Camarillo Grove Park is another must-see destination for all those rugged outdoor types. Explore the wonderful wildlife of Camarillo and learn about the surrounding flora. There are other attractive options for families and homeowners. Visit the Pleasant Valley Botanical gardens or tour the McGrath Family Farms to enjoy living in Camarillo.

Overview of Real Estate Trends in Camarillo, CA

Camarillo Real Estate Market Trends

Although housing costs in Camarillo rank among the highest in the country, they don't compare to other expensive communities in California. Camarillo boasts a livability score of 74/100, ranking #221 in California and #5,582 in America. Camarillo holds impressive ratings for the following:

  • Amenities (A+)
  • Employment (B)
  • Crime (A-)
  • Weather (A)

Thanks to the proximity of local amenities such as coffee shops, grocery stores, parks, restaurants, and libraries, Camarillo holds a higher than average score than most of its neighboring communities.

If you are considering relocating to Camarillo or making a real estate investment, the real estate market currently offers a multitude of housing options. Almost all amenities and facilities are within a short drive or walking distance. Some major attractions include WWII Aviation Museum, Channel Islands Aviation, and Camarillo Premium Outlets, etc.

The real estate prices of different housing options and your earnings can help you decide if Camarillo is the best fit for you.

2021 Housing Market Trends in Camarillo, CA

The home prices in Camarillo were up 6.6% in May 2021, compared to May 2020. The homes in Camarillo sit for an average period of 33 days on the real estate market. Last year, this period was 35 days. Throughout May, there were 107 homes sold, up from 59 in 2020.

Here are the most common types of housing options you can find in Camarillo, CA.

Camarillo Single Family Homes

Most homes in Camarillo feature a number of bonus amenities, such as garages and pools. According to Realtor, currently, there are 184 single-family homes for sale within Camarillo, CA.

Camarillo Condos

Camarillo boasts beautiful and luxurious condos that attract hundreds of real estate investors to this part of California. According to Realtor, there are 24 condos for sale at present.

Camarillo Rental Properties

If you do not want to purchase a condo or a single-family home in Camarillo, there are plenty of affordable and pet-friendly rental properties. At present, there are 33 active apartments for rent in Camarillo. You can also find rental options in neighborhoods, including Central Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Lang Ranch.

Home Value in Camarillo, CA

Camarillo has affordable multi-family and single-family homes. Real estate investors and homeowners can purchase a property here to make a profitable real estate investment. The median sale price of a home in Camarillo, CA, is $742.5k. The median sold home price is $708.8K.

The Best Neighborhoods in Camarillo for Real Estate Investment

Camarillo, CA, comprises twelve neighborhoods. The best neighborhoods in or around Camarillo, California, for real estate investment include Mission Oaks, Village at the Park, and Central Camarillo.

Finding Your Home in Camarillo, CA

Thanks to a flourishing real estate market in Camarillo, CA, you can find a variety of homes to buy or rent here. However, finding the best real estate agent to help you close a profitable deal is crucial. Don't risk your real estate capital with inexperienced or amateur real estate agents. Only professional realtors can help you find the best property in Camarillo, CA, that fits your investment budget.

Get Professional Real Estate Services from Casey Gordon

Casey Gordon, popular as the 'Heavy Hitter' of real estate for Ventura and LA County, is helping real estate investors and homeowners find their dream property. If you are looking for a credible and professional real estate team, get in touch with us today. We will be happy to identify the best real estate investment opportunities in Camarillo, CA, for you. Call today 805-750-9804 to learn more about what you’re looking for and when you’re ready to move in!

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