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Beverly Hills, California. Southern California is where people aspire to move when they want that iconic Southern California experience. Los Angeles surrounds this stunning community, and West Hollywood, CA, where the stars shine brightly, isn't in the sky, but on the streets, in the restaurants and stores. Beverly Hills is where the famous Rodeo Drive is located, with approximately 34,000 residents, all in less than 6 square miles.

The real estate market is healthy and plentiful with different dwellings, from apartments, condos, and single-family homes. Even the most basic dwelling blends in with the exclusive and luxurious estates and gated communities that make Beverly Hills famous. If you're looking for a property with privacy and security, Casey Gordon is the realtor to those properties and more. Catering to celebrities' lifestyle, famous, and rich, Casey can be reached at 805-750-9804 to find that home or investment for you.

Beverly Hills Real Estate Listings


Thinking Of Moving To Beverly Hills? Here's What You Should Know.

Beverly Hills, CA, is unique and popular among the celebrities that need a place to call home. A home that provides them privacy and safety in a rural yet affluent lifestyle. Here is where Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher, and others call Beverly Hills home. When they aren't at home, it isn't unusual to spot Jack Nicolson or Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Lawrence, or other famous stars at a local coffee shop or shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Beverly Hills, CA Homes For Sale
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If Rodeo Drive and spotting the rich and famous isn't for you, there are many other things to do and see in Beverly Hills. Architectural walking tours to see the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Rem Koolhaus, and Peter Marino. Museums galore like Frederick R. Weisman or enjoy the outdoors at Beverly Hills Park and Franklin Canyon Park.

Education in Beverly Hills is top-rated, with all the celebrity's children attending Beverly Hills High or private schools. Beverly Hills Unified School District has almost 3,800 students enrolled within the three elementary, one middle school, and the famous one high school, Beverly Hills High.

Beverly Hills is home to quaint coffee shops, exclusive fine dining, casual dining, and endless shopping, even off of Rodeo Drive. There is nothing you can't find in Beverly Hills, California, inside offbeat boutiques, designer stores, and specialty shops.

Beverly Hills is a warm Mediterranean climate with mild winters and roughly 34 days of rain throughout the year that totals approximately 16 inches. Zero snowfall and over 270 days of sunshine to be enjoyed in this Southern California city.

Through 2020, the median home price in Beverly Hills, CA, was $2.7m and rental rates $2,400 per month.

Beverly Hills Real Estate Market Trends

In the past ten years, home appreciation rates in Beverly Hills have become one of the highest in the country, with an appreciation rate over 73%. The average appreciation rate for a single home has been just under 6%, proving that Beverly Hills is one of the country's best areas for long-term real estate investment.

However, in the past year, the appreciation rates have dropped slightly for the Beverly Hills market compared to the rest of the country at less than 4%, lower than most in other American communities. With California's state, though, the annual appreciation rate for Beverly Hills is less than 60% of what other cities and communities in the state list.

The potential investment opportunities for individual Beverly Hills neighborhoods are an essential factor to be considered. Beverly Hills is known to have one of the best track records in real estate appreciation.

2021 Housing Market Trends In Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills has a real estate market like no other in the country. If you're planning on moving to this part of Southern California, keep reading to find out what 2021 has to wait for you in the way of housing.

» Beverly Hills Single Family Homes

Currently, there are 230 single-family Beverly Hills homes on the market with a home value averaging at $3.m, a per square foot price of $6,500. Prices range from a one-bedroom at $1.0m to a four-bedroom listed at $5.2m.

» Beverly Hills Condos

There are currently 59 condos for an average price of just over $400,000, the country's fourth-highest cost for condominium homes.

» Beverly Hills Rental Properties

Rental property in Beverly Hills ranges from a studio apartment with one bath for $1700/month to a three bedroom/2 bath at $7400/month, with an exclusive rental property of a five-bedroom single home renting for $36,000/month.

Home Value in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills housing market closed on a high note in 2020 with strong sales that have continued into 2021. Buyers have created a tight supply with steady demand from all through California, and there is no indication the competitiveness is easing. As of March 2021, the percentage of distressed properties, i.e., foreclosures and short sales, remain the same as it did in 2021.

The Best Neighborhoods In Beverly Hills For Real Estate Investment

» Beverly Hills is so exclusive that there are only three communities to be listed:

You can live in Beverly Hills for cheaper than these exclusive homes and properties indicate, even though the general area of Beverly Hills is almost 50% more expensive than the rest of the country.

» The budget-friendly neighborhoods are:

Finding Your Home in Beverly Hills, CA

hen moving to Beverly Hills, CA, you need to have an experienced real estate professional on your side. A person that has your best interest at heart and understands your budget and lifestyle. Casey Gordon is a real estate professional. Casey's passion for each of his clients, along with his Beverly Hills expertise, can match each person with a home that is theirs. Contact Gordon's team today at 805-750-9804 or complete this online form, and we'll be in touch with you before you have the first box packed!

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